Fume hood air flow controller type C with remote control panel

Safety Energy savings Made in France  Easy installation Small sizes

REF 819753

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Tutorial Type C Remote Quick Setting (ENG)

Automatic control of the fume hood air speed. For VAV fume hood. Significant energy savings of more than 60%, while ensuring the highest level of safety. 

The TYPE C remote HMI controller is a safety device for controlling the ventilation of a fume hood using a PID controller.

It adjusts the ventilation to maintain the set speed regardless of the height of the glass. It informs the user with visual and audible alarms if a malfunction occurs. The remote HMI enables adjustments on site and controls the fume hood ventilation.

This controller is EN 14175 and RoHS compliant


  • Audible alarm and led visual
  • Ventilation ON/OFF
  • Fume hood light ON/OFF
  • Prevents the fume hood user in case of air speed too low
  • Prevents the user if the sash is raised above the safe working heigh
  • Deported control panel with small sizes (4cm*13cm)


  • All in one/multifunctional unit 
  • Fast and simple installation
  • Maintenance not required
  • The airflow is automatically adjusted to the set point as the sash is raised and lowered.


  • Digital display of air velocity in m/s or FPM 
  • Battery back up that warns the user of a power failure
  • Alarm relay in case of low speed, sash position above the  safe working heigh and high temperature
  • Sensor for the fume hood ambient temperature
  • Surface box mounting


The Type C remote HMI airflow controller is used to control the airflow of a fume hood.

Three push buttons are used to control the ventilation, the lighting and to stop the alarm.

Pressing the ON/OFF ventilation button on the HMI controls a fan and/or a motorised damper via the two relays VENT 1 and VENT 2.

The sensor measures the face velocity, and the controller modulates the 0/10V signal with a PID controller to maintain the speed setpoint regardless of the window height. This analogue signal is sent to the VFD or motorised damper to modify the flow rate.

The green LED is lit when the face velocity is sufficient.

The red LED flashes when the face velocity is insufficient.

The orange «sash overrun» LED lights up if the sash is raised above the maximum safe working opening. This fault is triggered by a position switch.

The orange LED «auxiliary faults» lights up if the auxiliary input is activated.

If a failure remains within a period of time of 15-30s, the audible alarm will activate. Having identified the problem, the laboratory personnel can stop the alarm by pushing the stop buzzer button.

Pressing the light ON/OFF button controls the lighting via a 250V 16A relay.

The controller is supplied with a 230V/12V power adaptor.

The controller is factory preset to 0.5m/s and can be reset on site using an anemometer.


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