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Advantages of Polypropylene for Air Extractors in Chemical Plants

In chemical plants, safety and efficiency are paramount in every process. When it comes to air extractors used in these installations, choosing the appropriate material is of utmost importance. Among the various options available, polypropylene stands out as the ideal material for specific applications within chemical plants. In this article, we will explore why polypropylene is the optimal choice for this critical equipment.

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Guide to Selecting the Right Chemical-Resistant Fan for Your Application

When it comes to choosing a fan for your industrial application, chemical resistance is a vital factor to consider. Corrosive environments can cause significant damage to unsuitable fans. In this article, we provide you with a practical guide to selecting the right chemical-resistant fan to ensure reliable, long-lasting performance in your specific application.

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To boost its international development and enhance its growth and sustainability,

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L-Solution 2023 !

We are proud to introduce our L-Solution 2023 range, with a more efficient, natural and interactive interface.

Its packaging gets a makeover and a QR code to guide you through the installation and use of your controllers.

And all this even more eco-friendly with 100% recyclable packaging.

SEAT VENTILATION SAS, the promise to have the best customer experience as well as reinforcing its commitments for a more responsible behavior.

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Take advantage of Black Friday with SEAT Ventilation !

Take advantage of promotions on our complete range of airflow controllers and monitors for the safety of your laboratory (which complies with current EN14-175 and RoHS standards).

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