SEAT Ventilation is the leader of anti-corrosion fans.

Industrial companies must find solutions to renew and improve the air quality within their buildings.

SEAT Ventilation fans are perfectlly adapted for extraction of corrosive and toxic gases and fumes in various laboratory and industrial applications to ensure the users safety.

Our company responds to the challenges of its clients of all sizes and in all sectors, from big multinational companies to medium-sized companies or small installers, resellers, manufacturers of laboratory furniture or end users.

At SEAT Ventilation we have a warehouse of over 9,500 SQFT !

Specialist in industrial ventilation and with an experience of around 50 years based on expertise, knowledge and practice, we want to bring you the best service and solutions in your market sector. We have a network and a work dynamic that allow us to never downgrade quality, regardless of your location.

With a team of professionals, which includes experienced technicians, quality service and support, we know what you need for all stages of your construction site...

Our SEAT Ventilation range is fully designed and produced within our french workshops and will meet all ventilation requirements for harmful, corrosive and odorous environments, whether in terms of extraction or the transfer of polluted air.

In addition to the design and manufacture of fans, offers a range of accessories to match your SEAT Ventilation fan. Our great capacity for adaptation and flexibility through our proximity, allows us to meet the specific specifications of each project.

Worldwide leading manufacturer of corrosion resistant polypropylene fans.

Export in more than 100 countries.

Our mission is to be a key partner for our customers, developing safe, sustainable and user-friendly solutions.

A solution for every need !

ZEPHYR will select the best SEAT Ventilation fan to suit your application!
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