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A complete range for the air extraction system for hospitals 

SEAT Ventilation provides corrosion resistant fans adapted for the extraction of dangerous products handled in hospital laboratories.

In hospitals, the air quality deteriorates due to the presence of particles of all kinds in the building. In this context, the installation of an air extraction system is essential. Ventilation in hospitals is therefore an essential link in these places of care, especially at this time when Covid 19 is in everyone's mind.

This is the guarantee of a good working environment for the establishment's employees, patients and visitors. Medical personnel remain exposed on a daily basis to gases and fumes that pose health risks.

In the spaces that require the highest level of cleanliness, air flow management, room air diffusion, and stability of environmental conditions are strictly important

The techniques used in pathological anatomy laboratories are characterized by the manipulation of large quantities of hazardous chemicals, including formalin, a gas that is very irritating to the eyes and the respiratory system.

Manipulation of formaldehyde exposes medical-technical personnel to a health risk by inhalation.

Considering present regulations requirements, the hospital must set up a chemical risk assessment and prevention procedure, so all laboratories must be equipped with anti-corrosion exhaust fans of toxic gases and vapors.

Our expertise and in-depth understanding of the medical industry, over 55 years in the ventilation business, has helped deliver the right ventilation solutions to hospitals around the world.

SEAT Ventilation produces corrosion-resistant fans and blowers. Great for clinics and hospitals applications, to have an optimal extraction system and to maintain acceptable working conditions in laboratories, patient rooms, care units or operating theater

A solution for every need! 

Our engineers have enough information even to optimise your SEAT Ventilation air systems operation or about their use.

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