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SEAT RX: Air Flow Regulator

Air Flow Regulator for Laboratory Fume Hoods: Optimising Comfort and Energy Efficiency

Air Flow Regulator for Laboratory Fume Hoods: Optimising Comfort and Energy Efficiency

SEAT RX is a sophisticated technology that revolutionises air flow management in ventilation systems. Our Air Flow Regulator is designed to meet the specific needs of your environment, ensuring optimum comfort and increase energy efficiency.

It operates utilizing a pressure sensing mechanism within the duct.

How the SEAT RX works:

4 Steps and components of the regulator system

Step 1:

Linear Position Sensor

The linear position sensor on the motorised fume hood provides information on the position of the window.


Step 2: 

An Air Flow Controller determines the theoretical extraction rate required.

Step 3:

SEAT RX operates by receiving the actual airflow value from the differential pressure sensor on Air Flow Regulator

Step 4:

In real time, the electronic control board adjusts the flow rate setpoint by means of a motorised damper.


This precise approach ensures fine control, adjusting air flow in real-time to maintain ideal conditions.

Comfort Optimization:

The key to our Air Flow Regulator is its ability to compare the actual air flow value with the set value. If any deviation is detected, the controller automatically adjusts the actuator control signal, ensuring that comfortable conditions are always maintained in the environment.

Adaptability to a variety of applications:

Whether you need to regulate air flow in sensitive environments such as laboratories, cleanrooms or industrial facilities, our controller offers exceptional versatility. It can be seamlessly integrated into a variety of control systems, depending on the specific requirements of each application.

Choose our SEAT RX solution and discover an innovative approach to optimising energy efficiency while ensuring constant comfort.

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