SEAT Ventilation Partners

The confidence of all our partners, the key to our success

With products sold in more than 100 countries, Seat Ventilation is a fast growing company that has successfully expanded across the world, while maintaining close local level relationship with all customers.

We place confidence as a core value of a long term winning relationship.

To earn this confidence, our teams put in their job transparency, availability and efficiency. Over the years, our company has become a trusted partner for a large network of customers around the world.

Discover here below some testimonials:

Daniel Caldera, Product Manager, Arquimed, Chile:

"Since 1998, Arquimed has sold and installed several projects thants involved biosafety cabinets (BSC) and Fume Hoods (FH), during this period we have been investigating various local and imported options to improve our instalations for those equipment. It was like that since 2012 we have used mainly the SEAT 30 and 35 series extractor motors in our proyects, with around 120 actually installed units.

As Product Manager it is very gratifying to observe in practice how our installation have been improved, the customer perceives a great quality in the service in general and our technicians rely totally on the product and sense it facilitates the labor.

"On the other hand it is very rewarding the permanent support and sense towards the client that Seat Ventilation SAS has offered us, it is really a partner in which to trust”


Ville Repo, Manager, Fanax, Finland:

"We have started our business relation with SEAT Ventilation in the year 1998. Ever since the beginning of our relation, we have liked the forthright way of working with SEAT. We have always got the right technical advice when ever there has been need for one. Response time for enquiries has been very fast and also delivery times of orders has been quite low thanks to SEAT stock. Mutual trust is very important in businees and that is what we have reached with SEAT and all in all we look forward to continue our excellent business relation!"

Cecilia Jones, Industrias Jones, Argentina:

"The SEAT extraction equipment is used in the manufacture of our chemical extraction hoods for laboratory use.The models we use are SEAT 25, 30 and eventually 35.

We are satisfied with these equipment and have the technical characteristics to complement the quality of our equipment.

We also installed these same equipment in showcases or laboratory hoods of the brand Burdinola in different countries."

Ricardo Dreve, Argentina:

The equipment is used in chlorine leak neutralization systems. The fans suck the contaminated air and drive it through a scrubber or washing tower, where a rain of sodium hydroxide solution reacts chemically with the chlorine and neutralizes it. The plastic material of the equipment helps to avoid corrosion problems.

Advance Water Treatment, Egypt:

Our main application of usage of your centrifugal fans (Seat 35, or lower capacity) is sucking contaminated air from chlorine drum stores (that may have chlorine gas leak to the air inside the building) then blowing it neutralization tower in which contaminated air with chlorine gas is neutralize with spray of caustic soda, finally we get red o chlorine of contaminated air be- fore go to atmosphere.

Your fan is excellent for this application due to material that can resist chemical effect of con- taminated air with chlorine also as it has sufficient flow & pressure enabling contaminated air to pass many layers of media on neutralization tower – see attached picture for one of our installation.

Others may use your fans to suck air from inside rooms (pump room, filtration room, etc……)

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