Our vision and values

Les locaux de SEAT en FranceSEAT Ventilation is the leading French manufacturer of anti-corrosion fans for laboratories and one of the top manufacturers in the world.

SEAT Ventilation provides solutions to the challenges of customers of all sizes and from all sectors, from large multinational corporations to medium- and small enterprises, working as installers, sellers, laboratory furniture manufacturers, or end-users.  

Anti-corrosion polypropylene ventilation fans are installed in the centre of a toxic and corrosive working area where stainless steel is less resistant.

Distributed in 80 countries worldwide, SEAT Ventilation products are recognised by their design, code colour, and reliability.

SEAT Ventilation offers solutions to control, maintain and regulate laboratory ventilation and airflow.

L.SOLUTION is a concept that allows operators to adapt their extraction system to better suit their requirements, offer better laboratory management and further protect personnel from potential dangers. Our controllers are compliant with standard EN 14175 and when used in an extraction system can reduce energy consumption by up to 60%

A complete range of solutions to guarantee the security of your laboratory

Our company’s success is rooted in the application of four core values to all of its action and decisions:

  • Technical Expertise: our team of engineers and technicians specialised in airflow can be counted on to help you select the equipment best-suited to your application needs.
  • Responsiveness: establishing and maintaining close, local-level relations with each customer; excelling in service quality; responding promptly to requests received; offering well-suited solutions; and honouring your orders in the timeliest manner possible.
  • Competitiveness: optimising and speeding up our processes while cutting costs and never losing sight of our customers’ quality requirements, all from French tooling.
  • Innovation: constantly improving our products and developing new ones in order to offer you a comprehensive solution suited to your needs.

Our mission is to be a key partner for our customers, developing safe, sustainable and user-friendly solutions.