Chemical laboratories of national research centers and universities

The risk of accidents in a chemical laboratory is very high given the diversity and the large number of operations carried out, and the wide variety of chemicals used or stored.

A chemistry laboratory in a research center or university in which operations are carried out with products giving off vapors and corrosive gases, must be equipped with a ventilation system to capture them to maintain continously a safe atmosphere and in the same time protect the health of people working in the laboratory.

The health of a laboratory can be ensured by a general ventilation system that performs the renewal of the air.

When operations are carried out on hazardous gaseous or volatile products or reactions which give rise to such products, the use of a fume cupboard is essential: in general, laboratories contain several, depending on their type of activity.

The fume cupboards are intended to protect the manipulator and its surrounding environment through an extraction system to the outside that sucks corrosive or toxic gases and vapors.

The diverse and varied Seat Ventilation anti-corrosion exhaust fans range is especially dedicated for any size of laboratory fume cupboard.

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