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Remotes flow controllers controls the airflow of a fume hood

L.SOLUTION, a full range of air volume controllers and monitors for your laboratory safety

A laboratory fume hood is a ventilated enclosure, designed to limit users exposure to hazardous or toxic fumes, vapors or dusts and in which harmful chemicals can be handled safely.

A high level of efficiency and safety of the fume hoods is achieved by complying with the recommendations presented in the EN 14175 European standard.

The part 2 of this standard specifies the performance and safety requirements and objectives of general purpose fume hoods. Each fume hood must be equipped with a visual and audible alarm as a reminder to return the sash to a safe working height.


To prevent any unsafe condition and to protect users, SEAT Ventilation proposes a full range of air flow monitors and controls, all equipped with an acoustic and visual alarm.

One of our primary objectives is to ensure the safety and security of fume hood users. 

Energy savings

The fume hood controller automatically controls the face air velocity and comes equipped with a digital display panel .The airflow is adjusted to the set point as the sash is raised and lowered. These hoods have the ability to maintain a constant face velocity as the height of the sash is lowered and raised. The exhaust volume is adjusted when the sash is moved so that the average face velocity is maintained within set parameters. A variable air volume fume hood with an automatic control of the face air velocity achieves significant energy savings of more than 60%, while ensuring the highest level of safety.

Easy to use and install

Our air flow monitors and controls, made in France are easy to use and install.

Training and customer care

We are committed to respond to all your enquiries while your projects steps, before, during and after installation. Our ventilation specialists propose you multiple trainings in our testing and training laboratory.