Controller for ventilated enclosure - SAFETY CABINET CONTROLLER

REF 819697

The enclosed controller measures the working time of the extraction in the ventilated enclosure.

If the timespan is inferior to 5% of the initial setting time, 2 orange lights flash to notify the lab assistant ( ). When the operating time has elapsed, the controller informs the users by displaying «FIL» (abbreviation of: filters to be changed), and triggers two alarms: an audible alarm and a visual alarm (the two orange LEDs remain lit).

In the event of an extraction failure (insufficient suction, open door, blocked filter, air flow failure....), The red LED flashes and the sound alarm is activated.

If the flow is sufficient the green LED comes on. Airflow, lighting, and the stop buzzer are controlled by 3 push switches.


• Simple interface for ventilation and light control

• Visual and audible alarm in case of ventilation failure

• Can be adjusted to suit any ventilation system

• Accurate probe measurements


• Alarm relay

• Temperature sensor

• Remote speed probe (3.5m or 5m)

This controller complies with EN 14175 and the work regulation R4222-13

HMI Dimensions 210x75x34

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