Swimming pools

A complete range for the air extraction system for swimming pools 

SEAT Ventilation provides corrosion resistant fans that is specifically designed to resist the harsh environment created by chlorine usage. As chlorine fume extraction specialists, we have products specially designed to work in these type of environments.

The chlorine bound (mainly chloramine and methane trihalogen) strongly odorous is responsible for the typical smell of chlorine pools. Chloroform is also part of the trihalogenated derivatives of methane. It is heavier than air and focuses on the water surface. Chloroform is especially dangerous for children and adolescents who often go into the water and stay there for a long time. The odorous and polluting substances released must be evacuated.

Water quality management and safety are very important issues for natatorium managers, but also for anyone who visits or works in aquatic centers.

To meet the required standards and to be able to welcome the public in swimming pools or natatoriums, specific water treatment is needed.

The water treatment is carried out with chlorine handled in technical rooms. If there is no extraction, the chlorine vapors can be harmful to both users and staff. Mechanical ventilation should be present through manifolds.

Chlorine and humidity in the premises cause corrosion of all metal structures in the building. Too much chlorine gas degrades and deteriorates the buildings.

If there are other chemicals in the storage rooms those could get mixed in a gas phase with chlorine, this chemical reaction may become explosive and an XP option may be recommended.

The SEAT Ventilation range of fans & blowers, made of polypropylene and with no metal parts in the airflow, is ideal for the protection of users and installations.

The SEAT Ventilation range is highly recommended for the extraction of vapors or gases in technical rooms of swimming pools or natatoriums, storage cabinets, and buffer tanks. 

If there is a high concentration of caustics, chlorine, or acids, our polypropylene fans & blowers are perfectly suited to use in corrosive environments with high humidity levels.

If other chemicals in the storage area may mix in the gas phase with chlorine, this can become explosive, and an XP version may be recommended.

SEAT Ventilation exhaust fans are designed for the extraction of these products to reduce the concentration of odors inside the pool and to avoid corrosion of the HVAC system.

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