SEAT Ventilation single-phase frequency inverter - Power and Ground connections

SEAT Ventilation three-phase frequency inverter - Power and Ground connections


SEAT Ventilation distributes a range of electronic frequency inverters to precisely match the fan speed to suit your installation. These units comply with the latest European standards and are complete with emc filters.

VARIASEAT VFDs are specifically configured for each SEAT Ventilation fan.

Providing motor protection in all applications, allowing the fan speed to be varied to achieve significant energy savings, and adaptable to all electrical installation requirements :

• Single-phase 230V input / Three-phase 230V output

• Three-phase 400V input / Three-phase 400V output

• Output frequency range: 15Hz to 60Hz

Why modify the motor speed ? 

Decreasing the motor speed allows to:

  • Achieve the exact duty point (CFM @ SP)
  • Reduce the airflow and static pressure in a more efficient way than a manual damper
  • Saves energy
  • Reduce noise levels
  • Protect the blower from power surges, harmonics, or any kind of electrical issues
  • Reduce the starting current by applying ramps
  • Significantly increase the blower lifespan energy


Our frequency inverters allow controlling the speed of our three-phase asynchronous or synchronous electric motors.


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