Fume hood Controller Type A LED & DIGITAL

Safety Made in FranceEasy installation

Monitors the fume hood air speed. EN 14175 and RoHS standards fully compliant.


  • Audible alarm and led visual
  • Ventilation ON/OFF
  • Fume hood light ON/OFF
  • Prevents the fume hood user in case of air speed too low
  • Prevents the user if the sash is raised above the safe working heigh


  • All in one/multifunctional unit 
  • Fast and simple installation 


  • Digital display of air velocity in m/s or FPM (non existent on LED version)
  • Battery back up that warns the user of a power failure
  • Alarm relay in case of low speed, sash position above the  safe working heigh and high temperature
  • Sensor for the fume hood ambient temperature
  • Surface box mounting


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