Chemical Storage

SEAT Ventilation polypropylene fans designed to extract and resist the widest range of corrosive and hazardous fumes in chemical and industrial extraction

When storing chemicals in warehouses and storage cabinets there are many parameters involved in storage safety:

  • The quantity of the stored products;
  • The presence of volatile, flammable, or incompatible products between themselves or with the materials present;
  • Ventilation of the premises, their degree of containment, and air renewal.

Storage areas must take into account the physical and chemical properties of the products to avoid certain risks; for example, hazardous chemical reactions, the release of harmful vapors, or even an explosion or fire.
In some cases, to safeguard the health and safety of employees, the extraction of hazardous substances with a system subject to the XP standard is highly recommended.

To have optimal extraction from your chemical storage, you must:

  • Identify which products are in storage (XP or non-XP).
  • Know the volume of the room or closet to be ventilated so you know which extractor to select to meet the hourly air change rate.

A corrosion resistant SEAT Ventilation blower will maintain the room or storage cabinet in a vacuum.